Masker Bagus


Bagus Group, a multinational company from Indonesia with more than 40 years experiences wants to create a product showcase website for their new masker product line.

They have specific site design & experiences in mind so, this website need to be live within 3 weeks to fit their date of product's launching date. And thanks to their cooperation, quick responses and clear design in mind, I can design, develop, and launched this site on time.


Bagus Group wants their site to be live within specific date, which is only 3 weeks after they call me.


The website should meet their design expectations they had in mind. The website they want is one-page website with multilingual support.



Bagus Group has complete control about the design, and even gave a specific website references. I design it live in sandbox and communicate everything with them.


I create simple video animation loop to showcase masker easy breathable feature
CTA Hover Animation
Image to popup video player

fullPage JS, GSAP Scroll Trigger

The website using fullPage JS for introducing specific section one at a time, and I decide to use GSAP Scroll Trigger for animation.


Later, after launched date, and after the site has no more revision coming from them, I saw that GSAP is not used to the full capacity. So, for performance purpose, I changed GSAP to AOS which is built-in feature in Oxygen Builder (of course I explained it first to them, that no animation or looks is changed from front-end or user perspective).


The website is done within 3 weeks, and meet their deadline just on time.